Pilates On Demand

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Pilates on Skype

Break a sweat on your lunch break. Perfect your Roll Up or your Breast Stroke between appointments. Strengthen your abs while dinner is in the oven. Tone your whole body from the comfort of your living room or hotel room whenever you are travelling anywhere in the world.


[subheader]Whatever your goal, THIS is the way to practice Pilates on your own terms.[/subheader]

Leveraging the benefits of technology we give you the opportunity to practice Pilates with Olivier Coste Renoult, wether using Skype or Facetime.



Working one-on-one with your instructor will help you be more focused, work smarter and see results faster than you would through a video or by yourself at a gym.

Furthermore, Olivier will make sure your form remains impeccable throughout a series of exercises designed specifically for you after assessing your goals and capabilities.

With Pilate On Demand, there’s no sitting in traffic, no rearranging your schedule or spending extra time away from home.

The first session is offered and will help Olivier apprehend your level and expectations. We’ll also use this first session to make sure that all technical requirements are met in order to further have a quality experience.

Pilates on Skype

2 formats are available:

  • Private Sessions and,
  • Small Group Sessions*, should you decide you want to share the experience and the cost with friends and family.

Pilates equipement such as Reformer, Chair, Tower can be used for people who own a home studio, along with props. Small equipement and props such as Swiss Ball, Mini Stability Ball, Resistance Bands, BOSU® etc… can be used in both Private and Small Group Sessions

*Small Group Sessions: up to 5 people.






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