Your Instructor

Born and raised in France, Olivier was an equestrian in his youth, training and competing in championships throughout Europe.
A psychologist in early adulthood, he opened a private practice in Paris and conducted seminars on self-improvement, relaxation techniques, and body-mind awareness.
His concentration on uniting body and mind lead him to add Massage Therapy to his skill set in 1994.

Olivier discovered Pilates in Los Angeles in 2001 and decided to undertake the STOTT PILATES® Certification Program at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle. Spotted during his training by Melissa Noble, co-director of Bodycenter Studios, he was asked after completion of his training to join their team of professionals.
Later on and due to his strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, he was asked by Carrie Hall, PT, MHS, President of Movement Systems Physical Therapy and author of “Therapeutic Exercise: Moving Toward Function”, to join her team and design a Rehabilitative Program through Pilates to help patients towards Functional Fitness.

After spending 10 years in the U.S. – in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami, Olivier opened his own Pilates studio in Saint Rémy de Provence in 2010. Olivier is fluent in English.