Skype Pilates – How to Set it up

[header]Skype Pilates – Getting started:[/header]

Pilates On Skype

Set up Skype or Facetime on your laptop, tablet or desktop:

[subheader]SET UP YOUR IN-HOME SPACE[/subheader] [one_half][list type= »check »]

  • Orient your  Pilates mat so it can be fully seen in webcam view.
  • Create a quiet space.
  • Turn on the lights and make sure your instructor can see you.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing.
  • Have a bottle of water nearby.

[/list][/one_half] [clear] [subheader]SET UP BEST VIDEO/AUDIO CONNECTION POSSIBLE[/subheader] [one_half][list type= »check »]

  • Download the most updated browser (Firefox or Chrome are best)
  • Plug your computer into a power source.
  • If possible, plug computer directly into ethernet cable rather than using WiFi
  • If using WiFi, make sure other in-home devices are shut off.
  • Turn off screen saver and sleep mode.
  • Shut down all other programs/downloads running on computer.
  • For enhanced sound: plug into external speaker system or use wireless headset.
  • Make sure your space is quiet to avoid glitches in audio connection.


To test your internet connection speed:

  Skype recommends:
  • For 1:1 connections (high-quality) – 500 kbps download/500 kpbs upload
  • For 1:1 connections (HD) – 1.5 mbps download/1.5mbps upload